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Speed regulation Several ways of regulating motor speed
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Gear motor
Regulating speed
The method of changing the stator voltage of the motor to achieve speed regulation is called voltage regulation. Voltage regulation speed regulation, for single-phase motor, can be between 0~220V a value; For three-phase motors, it can be a value between 0 and 380V. Voltage regulation with transformer, if the transformer voltage regulation is graded, motor speed regulation is also graded, if the transformer voltage regulation is stepless, then motor speed regulation is stepless.
Speed regulating pole change motor
By changing the connection mode of stator windings to change the magnetic pole logarithm of the motor, the synchronous speed can be changed step by step and the motor speed can be adjusted step by step. This kind of speed regulating motor has a series of products available for selection, such as single-winding multi-speed motor.
Frequency control of motor speed
The method of realizing motor speed regulation is called frequency conversion speed regulation by changing the input frequency of stator end of asynchronous motor and making it continuously adjustable to change its synchronous speed. The most energy saving and efficient is the frequency conversion motor, but it is too expensive to install the frequency converter in the power supply part.
Electromagnetic coupling
Through the electromagnetic slip clutch to achieve speed regulation method called electromagnetic speed regulation. Electromagnetic speed regulating asynchronous motor (commonly known as slip motor) is a simple and reliable AC stepless speed regulating equipment. The motor adopts combined structure, which is composed of drag motor, electromagnetic slip clutch and tachogenerator, etc. The tachogenerator is used as speed feedback signal source for control. The stepless speed regulation of this kind of speed regulating motor is realized by electromagnetic slip clutch.