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What are the common faults of the electrical system
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The electrical system of speed regulating motor often appears the following 5 points of failure due to poor maintenance.
1. Abnormal operation of the main drive motor the slip motor will vibrate violently during operation, causing bearing heating. Disassemble the clutch armature and magnetic pole rotor, check whether the bearing of the motor is seriously lack of lubrication grease, and cause serious wear of the bearing, and the motor's operating performance decreases. At this time, it is necessary to replace the damaged bearings and fill with lubricating grease. Under normal circumstances, all parts of this part of the mechanism should be cleaned and refueled once to ensure the normal operation of the main drive motor.
2. This situation occurs when the host speed drops periodically, most of it is caused by the failure of the mechanical part. There are more cots of the speed regulating motor, and each roller relies on bearings to support and move. If any end bearing of a rubber roller fails, it may make the speed of the host machine periodically underground peak. When it is serious, the host machine will be more frustrated, and the bearing should be replaced. In addition, attention should be paid to the working condition of the bearings and lubrication parts of the host drum (including the printing plate, rubber, embossing drum), if the failure will also affect the printing speed.
3 speed regulating motor speed up after the machine speed and gradually decreased to stop this situation, need to observe the speed regulating electrical gas cabinet in the ammeter pointer changes. If the indicated current increases sharply, the thermal relay and other overload protection devices of the main motor will inevitably produce protective action, so that the main motor is disconnected from the three-phase power supply and stop running. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check the wiring components of the main motor circuit and the AC contactor of the main motor, and the wiring parts of overload protection devices such as all thermal relays in the speed regulating electrical and mechanical gas cabinet are loose, and whether the contact is bad and heating. If these parts have a title, it will be after the main motor growth, due to the circuit wire and components in the poor contact so that the current increases rapidly, and cause protective shutdown. When the speed of the speed regulating motor is low, the working current of the main motor is small and the gas speed will not decline gradually and even stop. However, when the speed regulating motor increases, the electrical load is large, and the fault of the electrical components will be revealed. In practical work, sometimes you can see the speed motor wiring terminal in the electrical cabinet due to poor wire contact and fever, and even in the connection of oxide layer, wire insulation outside the anti-burning discoloring, these titles will seriously affect the normal operation of the main drive motor. In this case, the operator needs to take corresponding measures immediately, such as cleaning the contact surface between wiring terminals and wires, fastening wiring screws, removing the burned out oxide layer of wires, and replacing badly damaged wiring terminals.
In order to adjust the slip electric balance, the two ends of the armature and magnetic pole rotor are respectively equipped with counterweight devices. If this part of the device is slightly loose, the slip motor will deviate from the original position when moving at high speed. If the fault occurs in the outer surface of the main drive motor, it will cause local friction between the armature and the magnetic pole rotor, and increase the noise. At this time, it is necessary to stop repair, restore the dynamic balance of the armature and magnetic pole rotor, and re-find the original dynamic balance and fixed the position of the balance, so that the main drive motor normal operation.
5. The main drive motor brake electromagnetic clutch burned must keep the magnetic yoke, armature, friction plate and other parts of the speed motor brake clutch clean, no oil and any sundries. It is known that no matter any electrical components, if adhered to too much paper wool, dust and metal chips and other impurities, working for a long time, it is easy to make the electrical components fever, poor contact, and these impurities in the friction plate increase the clutch when the friction load and damage. At this time, the electrical components due to poor contact and do not suck, so that the temperature rise, the insulation of the braking electromagnetic clutch coil will be damaged prematurely, so that it was finally burned. So it is important to pay special attention to the maintenance, regular use brush dips in gas scrubbing of friction plate components such as oil and other impurities, the speed regulating motor electric all electrical components contained in the paper the hair clean, dust and other impurities, to facilitate the clutch cooling ventilation, reduce loss, lower working temperature, prolong the service life of the electrical components.