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What inspection should be carried out before using the motor
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What inspection should be carried out before using the gear reduction motor

The motor should be checked before operation to see whether there are safety hazards and whether the installation is intact, so what items should be checked before using the gear reduction motor? Let the following small series tell you about these matters to pay attention to.
1. Please confirm whether the appearance of the gear reduction motor is damaged before use. Whether there is oil leakage.
2. Please confirm whether the purchased gear reduction motor specifications are consistent with the design specifications.
3. Please confirm the voltage used by the gear reduction motor first. If the voltage is unstable, a voltage regulator can be installed.
4, please confirm the fixed frame, to avoid loose when running the transmission.
Pre-use check is to prevent boot problems, and to replace, waste of time, and see whether the installation is intact. So no matter what type of machine, it is best to check before running, try running, until there is no problem to run again.