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The motor is characterized by high efficiency and reliability
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Gear motor

Reducer motor is characterized by high efficiency and reliability, long service life, easy maintenance, wide application and so on. Its series can be divided into single-stage, two-stage and three-stage gear reduction motor, installation and layout of the main expansion, coaxial and shunt type.
1, two stage cylindrical deceleration motor expansion, gear relative to the position of the support is asymmetric, when the shaft produces bending and torsion deformation, load in the tooth width distribution is not uniform, so the shaft should be designed with greater stiffness, and make the gear away from the input or output end.
2, the characteristics of the shunt type of the two-stage cylindrical reduction motor: the outrigger shaft position of the shunt type reduction motor can be extended by any side, which is easy to carry out the overall configuration of the machine. The gear of the shunt level is processed into helical teeth, right-handed, left-handed, in order to offset the axial force. One of the shafts should be able to swim a little axially so as not to jam the gear.
3, the characteristics of coaxial reduction motor: radial size compact, but the axial size is large. Due to the large middle shaft, the axle has a large perturbation under load, so the load concentration along the tooth width is serious. At the same time, because the center of the two gears must be consistent, it is difficult to make full use of the bearing capacity of the high-speed gear, and the lubrication of the bearing located in the middle part of the reduction motor is also difficult. The input and output of the deceleration motor are located at both ends of the same axis, which brings restrictions to the overall configuration of the transmission device.