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The reason, installation and operation of aluminum shell for reducer motor
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Before work slowdown motor need to install the aluminum shell, so that we can make the motor cooling better: motor under the condition of work, because of the high speed, motor itself too high temperature need to be released, we know that aluminum heat dissipation ability, therefore the current slowdown motor manufacturers are using aluminum housing for the shell of the machine.

Lighter motor weight: due to the light weight of metal aluminum, relatively speaking, can reduce the weight of the machine. Easy installation and handling.
Installation and operation as long as the operation and installation of the machine, there is a certain risk, so what should be paid attention to the installation operation of the deceleration motor? Before installation and debugging, it is necessary to check the operation of electricity first, and only after it is confirmed that it can be installed can the following steps be carried out.
In the process of installation, the reduction motor should be protected from impact. When the structural parts are installed on the reducer shaft, it is not allowed to be directly knocked or pressed on the reducer shaft. The arrangement of wires needs to be straightened, not bent, which will affect the motor's internal problems such as bad points.
Do not forcibly rotate the reducer from the output shaft end, otherwise it will cause gear damage. When the transmission structure is fixed with binder on the reducer shaft, the bearing of the reducer shall not be adhered to.