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Type of deceleration motor
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Gear motor
Deceleration motor servo motor
Servo motor is widely used in various control systems. It can convert the input voltage signal into the mechanical output on the motor shaft, and drag the controlled components to achieve the purpose of control.
Servo motor has DC and AC points, the earliest servo motor is a general DC motor, in the case of low control accuracy, the general DC motor to do servo motor. In terms of structure, dc servo motor is a low-power DC motor, and its excitation is mostly controlled by armature and magnetic field, but usually by armature control.
Reduction motor step motor
Stepper motor is mainly used in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing, because the stepper motor does not need A/D conversion, can directly convert the digital pulse signal into angular displacement, so it has been considered as the most ideal CNC machine tool implementation components.
In addition to their applications in CNC machines, stepper motors can also be used in other machines, such as automatic feeding machines, general purpose floppy disk drives, printers and plotters.